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Personal Banking is an intergral part of everyday life. Because so much of what you do has a lot to do with money. You work, shop, pay bills, do things with your family and plan to retire some day. Meanwhile, you need a bank you can count on to transact all your money matters. And if that bank designs its products to work more on your terms and always treats you right, even better. So that's exactly what United Bank does. For everything you need from a bank – from checking and savings accounts to loans to services like online banking – we're right here for you.

Personal Checking

A variety of hard-working, convenient and economical accounts to match your individual preferences.

Personal Savings

Several accounts designed to help you accumulate cash over time.

Health Savings Accounts

Learn how to save on taxes by paying medical bills from these new accounts.


Earn higher rates of interest on money you commit to a CD for 6 months to 5 years.


Save on your taxes and save for retirement at the same time.

Personal Loans

Get the money to buy what you want to need now, and repay it over time.

Current Rates

Check out some of United Bank's best interest rates today – for both deposit and loan products.

Online Banking

See how you can do most of your banking with us anytime, from anywhere and free.

Tele-Bank 24

Turns any touchtone phone into your personal United Bank branch.

Mobile Banking

United Bank now offers Mobile Banking.